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Explore Psychspirit Blog’s “Write for Us” section – a warm welcome awaits you! We appreciate your keen interest in sharing your writing prowess on our esteemed platform.

Continuously in search of novel, distinctive, and insightful content, we invite submissions pertaining to healthcare, medical breakthroughs, wellness, and lifestyle. Committed to furnishing our readers with pertinent and captivating information, our blog strives to empower them on their journey towards a healthy and gratifying life. Your contributions can make a significant impact on our mission.

Guidelines for Writing an Article

The health-centric blog holds paramount significance on our website, and to ensure the successful publication of your article on Psychspirit.com, adherence to our guidelines is essential.

If you possess a genuine passion for health and wellness, coupled with a knack for writing, we eagerly await your contribution. Reach out to us, and let your voice be heard on our platform!

Here are a few guidelines that will help you understand our expectations:

  • Ensure content is freshly crafted, devoid of plagiarism, and human-generated.
  • Articles must exceed 1500 words, focusing on the theme of “Health & Wellness.”
  • All submissions should be entirely original and not previously published elsewhere.
  • Limit one do-follow link per article, with the linked website’s Domain Authority (DA) exceeding 20.
  • Maintain content relevance, with promotional material accepted only if genuinely valuable to readers, not merely a marketing endeavor.
  • Emphasize freshness and uniqueness in content, avoiding spun or rephrased material.
  • Subject content to a plagiarism check, achieving 0% plagiarized results with tools like 1text or smallseotools.
  • Adhere to SEO writing norms, utilizing H1, H2, H3 tags, active voice, and employing short sentences.
  • Provide a meta description within 160 characters.
  • Upon approval and submission, refrain from hosting the article on any other online platform.
  • Expect editorial review for minor edits in clarity, tone, or formatting, with the addition of media (images, videos) for enhanced visual appeal.
  • Writers may include a brief bio (50-100 words) at the article’s end, allowing links to their website or social media profiles.

Steps Required for the Submission of Health Guest Post

  • Submit your draft using the provided form or email it to us at pakshaheens555@gmail.com.
  • Enhance understanding by including titles and subheadings in your submission.
  • Adhere to our content requirements; editors may modify content if false information is identified.
  • Boost reliability by incorporating one self-serve link and relevant links from Psychspirit blogs.
  • Expect feedback from the team for any necessary improvements upon submission.
  • Upon acceptance, we publish your blog within 24 hours, and the link becomes live in the same timeframe.
  • Articles will be fully indexed by Google within 1 to 2 days.

Topics You Can Write for Us Health Related Posts

The “Write for Us Health” section at “Psychspirit.com” allows you to reach a broad audience since most of our readers are interested in health-related articles on our website. Here are some of the categories we cover;

Women’s Health, Teens Health, Men’s Health, Mental Health, Addiction/ Rehabilitation, Lifestyle, General Health, All health-related disorders, Fashion Addiction, Kids’ health, Old Aged Health, Anxiety disorders, Eating disorders, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Personality disorders, Depression, Obsessive–compulsive disorder, Schizophrenia, Dissociative disorders, Substance-related disorder, trauma-related disorders, substance abuse disorders, Paranoia, Health Blog, Beauty & Fit, Natural Treatments, Health guest posts, and Health Tips.

Health Care Awareness, Weight Loss, Diet guest posts, Diet Plans, Natural Health Tips, Natural Beauty Tips, Case studies about mental health, Medicines-related guest posts, Fitness, Natural makeup, Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Unani, White Hair, Healthcare latest news, About Health Care Products, Weight Loss, Healthy habits, Health and Fitness, Food, Whole Foods, Temperature, Sex, Coffee, Food Places, White Noise, and healthy Food.

Please go through the existing posts. You will get an idea about the topics, format, overview, language, and tone we accept for writing a guest post.

Who can submit / write a guest post?

  • Bloggers
  • Content Writers
  • Doctors
  • Professional Health Care writers
  • Students
  • Beauty experts
  • Dietitians 

If you are interested to write for us health related posts then Express your interest in contributing to our blog by submitting your article ideas or completed pieces to [pakshaheens555@gmail.com]. Expect a response from our editorial team within 2-3 business days after they review your submission.

Thank you for considering Psychspirit’s blog as a platform to showcase your writing skills and expertise; we eagerly await your contribution. If you possess valuable knowledge or a compelling story to share, reach out to us via email at pakshaheens555@gmail.com., for more detail contact us.